Sell Your House As Is – No Real Estate Agent Necessary

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You may have bought a brand new house as the existing house no longer meets the growing needs of your family or you may have to move to another city for personal or professional reasons. The list of reasons a homeowner wants to sell your house is long, some positive and happy some not so.  Some of the reasons you look to selling your house As Is include – you may have inherited ancestral home, downsizing after retirement, landlording issues becoming difficult to manage, falling behind on mortgage payments, and more.

Any of these situations means that you as a house owner are in a tight spot for money and time. Therefore, you would not be able to spend additional time and money on a house that you anyway want to sell. Under such situations, the traditional real estate agent’s demand to repair and renovate comes as a disappointing news to you.  Additionally, the entire process of selling your home with the help of a realtor is a time consuming and costly affair as it may take anywhere between 6 – 12 months, and they charge a 6% commission on the sale of your house.

Sell Your House As Is - No Real Estate Agent Necessary

The problem with the traditional real estate companies is that they are not the direct buyers; they are intermediaries who help you sell your house. Once you approach them seeking their help to sell your house, they suggest that you fix the leaks in the roof, remove the stains on the walls, etc., and clean the clutter if your house has any of these issues.

House Buyers Help you Sell Your House As Is and Fast

As selling house with the help of traditional real estate in Missouri City TX agents has become tiresome and costly, there was a huge demand for an easy way out in the form of a business that offers services to help homeowners sell their house fast, and in an As Is condition. Someone who could help homeowners sell house in any condition, whether the house looks pretty with no repairs required or a shabby looking house which might require repairs ranging from minor ones to major renovations, etc.

Well, you may have seen many advertisements on TV, newspapers, hoardings, and more from real estate investment companies that say, “Sell your house As Is,” such companies offer great help to sell your house fast without paying any commission or renovating the house.  They make selling your house an easy task and make a quick offer to sell your house, even in seven days, in most cases once the necessary documents and other factors are in place. All this might sound like a dream as selling houses or real estate transactions as you know are tough, time consuming and costly. However, the professional house buyers with years of experience under their belt and expertise in all the areas related to real estate transactions make this happen fast and easy, much to your delight!

House Buyers takes a Professional Approach to Buy Your House As Is

For those of you who consider house buyers’ promises of offering irresistible service when looking to sell your house, a prank or scam here are some of the facts that gives you a better understanding of how house buyers work towards making your transaction of selling your house an easy one!

As professional house buying companies, they understand the complexities of dealing in selling and buying of houses, so with huge funds at their disposal to support the house buying transactions, they employ professionals who understand every aspect of real estate transactions right from home improvement, remodeling experts to taxation, and other legal issues related to the real estate business.

These professional house buyers approach as many homeowners as possible to buy their houses and buy them in bulk, from individual home sellers. They use their professional network of home remodeling experts to repair, renovate to give these houses a brand new look. Thus, helping homeowners save time and money on repairs and renovation. They also help you save the 6% commission that a traditional estate agent would charge you to help you sell your house.

As direct home buyers, these companies do not require such commission, and by avoiding middlemen in the transaction, they help speed up the process, and you get to sell your house fast!