Sell Your House in 7 Days without Dealing with Real Estate Agents

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Do you have an inherited house or property that you plan to dispose? Alternatively, a house that you no longer need, as you are moving to another city? If so, it is time to start the process of preparing to sell your home to prospective buyers.

The attractive advertisement hoardings put up by real estate agents promising smooth sale of properties may convince you to contact them. However, before you contact a real estate agent to help you sell your house, you need to understand the entire process of selling a house and look for every possible alternatives available to you. Choosing a right channel to sell my house fast Arlington TX may save you physical, emotional, and financial stress.

Sell Your House in 7 Days without Dealing with Real Estate Agents

Here is an analysis of some of the options available to you when looking to sell your house.

The traditional real estate agents have been around for many years, and obviously have been the choice of many people looking to sell their house. A real estate agent is not the actual buyer; he is just a mediator who can help you find a buyer for your property. These agents will list your property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and charge a 6% commission. As mediators, they will help in showing your house to prospective buyers.  Such buyers would want houses in a ready to move in condition, meaning, they would want all the repairs, upgrades and renovations to be taken care of before the commencement of the sale process.

Real estate agents may inspect the house and suggest such repairs, so he can list your house for sale. In addition, once a buyer shows interest in the listing of your house, you will have to stage the house for buyer’s inspection. Well, the staging process ends if the buyer likes your house and makes an offer, if not, you will have to stage the house again for a new prospect.

If you opt for real estate agents, you may end up spending more money and time on repairs, renovations and staging the house for potential buyers. The entire process will typically take anywhere between 6-12 months.

Well, if you are looking to sell your house fast in a hassle-free transaction, save time and money, you should opt for reputable home buying companies. Here are some of the advantages of working with cash home buyers.

•  House buyers are Direct Buyers: Home buying companies are direct buyers, who buy houses in any condition. As direct buyers, they do not charge any fee or commission on the sale of your house; neither do they list your house for prospects. As such, they follow an easy and hassle-free process to help you sell your house fast, sometimes even within 7 days. They make a competitive cash offer within an hour of visiting your place to look at the property.

•  Home buyers buy Houses in any Condition: When dealing with direct home buyers, you do not have to clean, repair, renovate or stage your house. These companies very well know that homeowners would not like to spend more time and money on a house, which they intend to sell. So, irrespective of the condition your house is in, ugly or pretty, you can approach them to buy your house.

•  Home buying Companies pay All Cash: Home buyers gives an All Cash offer, which is competitive and helps you close the deal quickly with no finance contingencies.

So, if you have a house to sell, look out for professional “We buy Houses” companies in your vicinity that are willing to buy your houses in an As Is condition.